Browser Based

A browser based, computer assisted, interactive learning environment. UMath X offers blended, tiered learning to reach all from K to Algebra 1. It helps students to develop a deeper conceptual understanding of math.

Understand Why

"Understand Why" rather than "Remember How". UMath X creates a diverse learning environment to address the needs of all students by incorporating digital, tactile and more traditional approaches within tiered lessons.

Online Assessment

Our online assessments enable instruction to be adjusted to meet individual needs. Evaluations and Tracking are available for all sections of UMath X. Common Core tests, Texas TEKS tests, and teacher created custom tests are available as well.

Explore UMath X

Watch an overview video and find out what UMath X is all about.

Discover Resources

UMath X is well supported by a variety of resources available for download.They include:



Build Capacity

In addition to the UMath X software program, Neufeld Learning Systems also provides professional development services to help build your instructional capacity.