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Sample – Houston, TX:
LUNCH on Amie's Awesome Ratio Mix:
Cranberry Juice & Gingerale 'n LEARN in 6 Lessons.

For Students and/or Teachers:
1.   “Place Value, the Secret of our Numbers”
2.   “Addition with/without Regrouping”
3.   “Build it - See it! - Tactile to Visual to OWN Fractions”
4.   “Partial Products - Get It with Visual Learning”
5.   “Math or Magic? - Number Tricks to Algebraic Thinking”
6.   “Tiles and Algebraic Expressions”
7.   “Amie’s Ratio Punch – Part Ginger Ale – Part Cranberry Juice”
8.   “Multiplying Fractions - How and Why”
9.   “Maximize Cage Area – Quadratics (coming soon)”

For Teachers:
Any Time – “An Introduction to UMathX”
Any Time – “Empowering Students to Construct Learning”
Coming Soon – “Journaling with UMathX in the Elementary Grades”

You are welcome to request/register for times and topics other than the above.

UMathX - Components

  • UMathX, the 10th version of “Understanding Math”, is a browser-based computer assisted learning system that blends a variety of approaches to help students develop deeper understanding of mathematics concepts from K to Algebra1(10). It is a full service learning environment, supporting a growth mindset within a learning pit.

  • UMathX “Constructs Understanding” by modeling lessons online as well as on paper. The on-line software runs on multiple operating systems – Windows, Chrome with optional audio. We are migrating UMathX to a mobile platform, allowing delivery on iPad and tablets, and integration with any district’s Digital Learning System. The off-computer component referred to as a “Framework for Learning”, is a model lesson to help in implementing UMathX. The framework consists of a 3 part lesson – “Getting Started”, “Working At It” and “Reflecting and Connecting”. The 3 part lesson is often tiered to customize and attend to the needs of the student. When appropriate, STEAM needs are addressed. Support Sheets offer additional opportunities for implementing UMathX.

  • UMathX is a Journey within a wide variety of learning environments where students and teachers are encouraged to think through concepts, choose strategies and articulate ideas towards “constructing understanding”.    Content and exceptional teaching methodology within UMathX result in UMathX use by faculties of education to increase the mathematics content as well as the pedagogy of the future teacher.

  • UMathX has 2 menus.  The 2 menus attend to the needs of the self-directed, life-long learner as well the teacher-student partnership with students working individually, in small groups as well as other learning environment.   The Content Menu covers concepts from K to Algebra1(10) without regard to grades.  It attends to gaps in learning.  The learner can also select a Curriculum Menu which attends to the curriculum at each grade level. The combination of the Content Menu, scaffolded to fill gaps, and the Curriculum Menu aligned to a specific curriculum, to attend to concepts within grade levels helps to make sure that students grow in understanding the content. 

  • UMathX Developers are aware of diversity of culture and continue to add examples and graphics to honor cultures.

  • UMathX addresses the following Principles of Learning:

    • Interactive with audio;
    • Encourage “grappling” to support a “growth mindset” - learning from mistakes; (up to 3 hints for an answer)
    • Moving from concrete to pictorial to abstract in a wide variety of learning environments;
    • Suggest a wide variety of teaching strategies – within online lessons, “Frameworks For Learning” and Support Sheets.

  • Three types of assessments are available to offer actionable data and powerful reporting which allows customization.

    Curriculum Tests – Items within a Curriculum Item designed to “show understanding”.
    Content Tests – cover items within a certain content area across grade levels.
    Custom Tests – are generated by the teacher by choosing specific content.

    In each of these tests, the learner is shown his/her answer, the correct answer and then a suggested lesson as follow-up.

Browser Based

A browser based, computer assisted, interactive learning environment. UMath X offers blended, tiered learning to reach all from K to Algebra 1. It helps students to develop a deeper conceptual understanding of math.

Understand Why

"Understand Why" rather than "Remember How". UMath X creates a diverse learning environment to address the needs of all students by incorporating digital, tactile and more traditional approaches within tiered lessons.

Online Assessment

Our online assessments enable instruction to be adjusted to meet individual needs. Evaluations and Tracking are available for all sections of UMath X. Common Core, Texas TEKS, Ontario, WNCP, Florida and teacher created custom tests are available as well.

Professional Learning

WELCOME to an Introduction to UMathX. UMathX, the 10th version of “Understanding Math
  • will Construct Understanding in model lessons on Paper and Online
  • will focus on  Content Development for teacher and student
  • will help in Teaching Methodology – K to Algebra1(10)

  1. Click On UMathX Training ANYWHERE
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    • Prepare the Journey … pgs 1,2 …  Videos-UMathX, What is it?
    • Begin the Journey ... pgs 2,3,4 … Personalize Lessons.

  2. www.umathx.com
    • Resources - Model Lessons for your Class.
    • Trainings – Personal, Large Group, Small Group, Seminars

  3. Model a Lesson for Your Class

  4.  A Plan for your School/District  … Free Access to June 15.
    “UMathX helps students gain conceptual understanding better than any other program. Content and Teaching Methodology are exceptional.” Master Teachers, Faculty of Ed., LSU

Understanding Math Districts 2000-2018

San Antonio ISDRound Rock ISDSix Nations of Grand, OnEPS Elizabeth NJBayonne, NJ
Austin ISDNorthEast ISDHouston ISDPolk County, FLEl Paso ISD
Fort Bend ISDFort Worth ISDLewisville ISDAbu Dhabi, UAEBaton Rouge, LA
Victoria ISDNorthWest ISDGarland ISDOrange Cty/Osceola, FLMemphis, TN
Mission ISDCypress Fairbanks ISDConroe ISDCollier Cty, FLRichmond, VA
Northside ISDIrving ISDMesquite ISDPinellas Cty, FLArlington, VA
Pflugerville ISDBrownsville ISDKaty ISDClover, SCWashington, DC
Denton ISDAldene ISDRockwall ISDVa Beach, VAAnne Arundel,
Farmer’s Branch ISDDallas ISDSpring Branch ISDTVDSB, OnBaltimore, MD
Midland ISDPasadena ISDHalifax, NSNYC DOELouisville, KY
Charlottetown, PEMontgomery Cty, MDPGCPS, MDLafayette, LARankin Cty, MS
Kilamonjaro, TanzaniaVictoria BCSt. Johns NLEast China/LapeerMIJonesboro, AK
Santo Domingo, DRHilo, HawaiiKosrae, MicronesiaTemple ISDGreenville, SC
TDSB, OnVolusia Cty, FLShelby Cty, TNAtlanta, GAMarlboro, SC
LaGrange, GAMobile, ALDaphne, ALLancaster ISDKnoxville, TN
  • Scientificallly Based Research:
    Research based evaluations have been done with many school districts across North America. Since 1991, the core development of Understanding Math, the predecessor of UMathX, the 10th version of Understanding Math, has stemmed from sound classroom pedagogy, with the design process has been consistently set in motion with reference to Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM).
    It is the teacher who manages the extreme number of variables that influence the effectiveness of any available resource. Current long-range efforts show an ability to duplicate successful classroom results, and to improve student achievement within a variety of socio-economic environments. This has been realized repeatedly in many classrooms across North America. UMathX allows teachers to make data-driven decisions.

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