About UMathX – by Neufeld

UMathX by Neufeld is the 10th version of Understanding Math. It is a browser based, computer assisted, interactive learning environment which offers blended, tiered learning to reach all from K to Algebra 1(10th grade).

Through over 3500 lessons, many of which model to make thinking visible, UMathX strives to help students "Understand Why" rather than "Remember How". It creates a diverse learning environment to address the needs of all students by incorporating digital, tactile and more traditional approaches. UMathX and related resources support a growth mindset, where teachers encourage students to grapple with concepts from concrete to abstract, often with a variety of approaches to meet learning needs in their journey through productive struggling within a wide variety of adaptive, accessible learning environments.

The versatility of UMathX allows it to be used as a core resource or as a supplement to classroom instruction. From teacher-led whole class lessons to an environment where students work individually or in small groups, UMathX can meet the needs of all students.

UMathX is unique in that it has two navigation menus: Content Menu and Curriculum Menu.
The Content Menu is helpful in filling gaps by scaffolding mathematics along a conceptual path, across grade levels. The Curriculum Menu has a grade focus aligned to specific curricula, presenting three types of online assessments offering thousands of randomly generated questions and then having the capability to redirect learning based on results.

Computer-based instruction encourages teamwork and is enhanced by online printable resources, the use of appropriate manipulatives, math discussion, as well as reflection and connections all of which help students to develop a deeper conceptual understanding of mathematics. “Frameworks for Learning”, three-part model lessons in printable pdf format, give suggestions for implementing UMathX with the focus of “building it, drawing it, talking it, writing it, then owning it” within a variety of learning environments which include STEM and RTI. Tiered frameworks accommodate blended learning with differentiated instruction through multiple entry points and by funnelling learning to the same “big picture” of the concept.

At UMathX we believe professional growth is essential. It is available for groups or individuals, either in person or by webinar. The objective is to empower each and every user to achieve their potential by using UMathX and its resources with fidelity. Details are available at www.umathx.com under Training.