UMathX Testimonials

"The UMathX program is awesome! It is evident that much time and effort was spent in developing a top-notch learning environment where teachers and students benefit from the resources available. I found the navigation very easy to handle and the work presented was engaging.
I really love that students are being encouraged to grapple with problems. We have been talking to our MSP participants about the importance of constructive struggle and encouraging teachers and students to have a mathematical mindset."
R.C. Master Teacher at Louisiana State University.
"As a former district mathematics leader, I promoted the district-wide purchase and use of previous versions of this system. Now, as a mathematics education consultant, I enthusiastically continue to share with other educators the benefits to students and teachers that UMathX provides." Dr M.K. - Texas Mathematics Supervisor (Retired)
"I have been using UMath X with students that I am tutoring. They love it as much as I do." A.M. - Gr 3 to 8 - Detroit Diocese
"As an educator, UMath X has been an exceptional resource for me. The modeling of manipulatives, provides strategies to help students make valuable connections." V.J. - Gr 3 to 5 - PGCPS, Maryland
"UMath X is extremely easy to use, continuously evolving and simply a good way to teach a topic. UMath X has it all." Math Supervisor (retired) – Florida
"UMath X is amazing! Our teachers have used it extensively with parents, teachers and students. UMath X is perfect to support research and instruction to teacher candidates. I continue to learn from UMath X." S.C. - Gr 5 and 6 - TDSB, Toronto
"UMath X is a gateway to create a learner centered classroom. It engages students to formulate sound, mathematical concepts and propels them to apply critical thinking skills." T.B. - Middle School - HISD, Houston
"I still believe the Neufeld system is by far the most effective learning tool for mathematics I have seen!" JS - Australia
"My class is learning so much using your program! I love the step-by-step visual explanations of math concepts. The children love the technological / manipulative driven program."
"I love it and wish I would have had from day 1."
Gr 3,4,5 teachers in Alabama