About Us - UMathX by Neufeld


Over 30 years ago, Rudy Neufeld, senior author of UMathX, along with a dedicated team of programmers, began developing “Understanding Math”, predecessor of UMathX, in order to empower each and every student to achieve their potential in mathematics. In creating a learning system which supports a growth mindset where concepts are modeled to make thinking visible and by encouraging students and teachers to grapple in productive struggling with concepts, often with a variety of approaches from concrete to abstract, he was able to achieve student and teacher success within a wide variety of adaptive, accessible learning environments. His 30 years of experience as educator, consultant and speaker at state, provincial and national conferences has helped him cultivate a vision of how software can be used to empower teachers and students of all ability levels.

Mr. Neufeld’s dedication to affect positive change in the instruction of mathematics has become our mission and is the foundation of UMathX and its resources. UMathX and supporting resources are the results of our commitment to his passion for making a difference in mathematics education.